FreeWheelers Cancellation Rules

Times are a changing and we must too. As we book RV parks in the future, it is becoming obvious contracts are written with more clearly defined cancellation policies. In order to protect ourselves, we will clearly state the cancellation policy in every outing announcement, and ask you to pay close attention and take the following steps should you need to cancel.

First a basic premise: a message sent is not a message received without a response; be it email, text, or voicemail. Messages go to the wrong email, not everyone does text, and recorded messages aren’t always noted. Hosts also travel, go to outings early, and may not always have decent reception.

  1. If you are cancelling weeks in advance, let the host know via email. If no response, call.
  2. If you’re cancelling close to the stated deadline, email the host and immediately call them as well.
  3. If you do not reach the host, call the RV Park and notify them, make a note of the person you spoke with and time and date you called. Email this information to your host.
  4. A cancellation is not complete until you have spoken to someone, or received confirmation.
  5. If you need to cancel after the stated deadline, call the RV park and let the host know you’ve cancelled. The park will tell you what part of your reservation you will be charged, and the host will be charged that amount. After the bill is paid, the host will return payment to you based on what the park allowed. Your reservation is your responsibility.

Cancellation policies are changing in ways that help the RV parks protect themselves. It’s a competitive market here in California and they can. As a general rule, lists of attendees are required a month in advance. This assures the park that our group is hitting the reserved site numbers. Next there is a final date for cancellations which is often two weeks from the date the club arrives, typically a Thursday.  After that, the first night of a reservation is often charged no matter what. Sometimes, as is the case with our December outing, the entire reservation is charged under the same circumstances.

For this reason, the host will always post the cancellation notice in her outing notice. The stated dates are what you need to pay attention to because it’s what your host needs. Please help her help you!

Thank you for your attention and follow through in this important matter.