For New Members!


Here are seven simple steps to get on the road with us:

  1. Go to our the events page for our list of upcoming rallies, then plan your RVing year. Events will open for registration approximately two months before the rally.
  2. Request membership in our private Facebook group for updates, announcements, discussions, tips and shared photos.
  3. Your e-mail address will automatically be included in our Gmail mailing list so you will receive our monthly newsletter and all announcements about upcoming rallies.
  4. To register for an event, click on the link either in the e-mail you have been sent or in the Facebook group notification, which will take you to the information page. Read up on the event and if it interests you, click through to the registration page for any event that is open. Register quickly, as spaces fill up fast! Fill out the registration and follow the instructions for payment (which will vary by rally but will mostly be via credit card at the time of registration). You will receive a copy of your registration, and a receipt for your purchase. Check your spam folder if you don’t hear anything. A couple of weeks before the event, the host will send you an agenda and your site assignment.
  5. Our rallies usually have one or more potlucks so please plan to bring a dish that can be shared by 6-8 women. Bring your own plate, cutlery, and a beverage for yourself to all the meals. Wearing a mask in the food line is encouraged.
  6. At the rally, introduce yourself to your FreeWheeler neighbors on either side of your site, and join a table at meals. Attend as many scheduled activities as you can over the weekend to meet new people. If you are interested in a personal guide, ask the host to assign you an experienced FreeWheeler to be your docent for the weekend. Then volunteer for various activities, such as assisting the hosts in outing activities and clean-up.
  7. Pets are welcome at the rallies, but sometimes require additional fees, which will be noted on the webpage for the event. Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse or at official gatherings.

Here are links to more helpful information on our website:

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