Pet Policy

To provide an opportunity for pet owners to travel with their pets
while maintaining a safe environment.

Policy: An RVW member is totally responsible for the behavior of her pet at an
RVW event. Examples – loud barking, accidents, or damages. She must insure that her
pet is not a danger to people or to other animals and that it is not disrupting activities or
annoying others in the group.

The following rules apply at all RVW events:

• A pet must be leashed or caged whenever it is out of the memberʼs rig.

• Pets are never allowed to be present at scheduled rally meetings, campfires, or
when food is being served. This applies to activities officially listed on the
rally/event (national or chapter) schedule. (This rule does not apply to service
animals. Refer to Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA on line at

• This pet policy does not apply to membersʼ informal gatherings, campfires or
food events.

• The RVW member is responsible for knowing and following all rules regarding
pets established by the hosting park or campground.

Procedure: Chapter officers or rally planners should insure that all members are
aware of the RVW policy on pets by, for example, publishing the rules as part of the
chapter newsletter, including them as part of the information about a specific rally, or by
reviewing the rules at the beginning of a rally.

Adopted 01.28.05
Reviewed 01.12.07
Revised 9.25.12
Revised 10.23.12
Compliance formatted 2.28.18

1 thought on “Pets

  1. RVW bylaws state no dogs at FW campfires…but, obviously fine if it’s a informal gathering. Just keep them on a short leash so there is no tripping hazard!

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