FreeWheelers “Traditions”

The FreeWheelers chapter of RVW has a long “freewheeling” tradition consistent with our name!  This means that everyone is free to make each and every outing exactly what you want it to be!  You can join in for planned activities, or just hang around and chat, or read that great novel you have been wanting to finish.  You can feast on our group meals and snacks, go out to local restaurants, or eat your own grub in your rig.  What you do and how you do it is up to you!

We are committed to having a good time together. We provide for one another lots of options for visiting, sharing stories, learning from one another, and helping one another.  To make this all work, of course we do need a few guidelines, and here the are!

Who can attend

Women 18 years of age and over are welcome to attend our functions.

For those who do not belong to RVW, you are welcome to attend two events as our guest.  As much as we love the kids under 18 and men in our lives, we leave them at home … this is a time for just us gals to get together and celebrate together our love of RVing!

Outings: What to expect and what to bring

Our events typically start on Friday evening and end at check-out time on Sunday.  Usually the event host is able to make arrangements with the campground for those who want to arrive on Thursday and leave on Monday; details about early arrival and late departure are included in the description of each event.

We usually have a “meet and greet” time on Friday and share appetizers and finger foods Car-trip(often good enough for a meal!).  On Saturday morning we get together for breakfast so that everyone can visit and share ideas about activities for the day.  Saturday night is typically a shared meal – the wagon hostess gives details about what to bring for this meal in the description of the event.

Other than what you normally need for your ideal camping experience, there are a few things to anticipate for our group activities.  Always bring your own drinks, plates and utensils; these are typically not provided.  If we are able to have a campfire everyone pitches in a bit of wood for the fire.  Bring your own chair for outside get-togethers.  When we have a clubhouse or activity room seating is typically provided.

Schedule of events

Our gatherings are generally scheduled on the first full week-end of the month.  However, when there is a major holiday we shift to the week-end before or following the holiday.  Also we sometimes need to shift the timing based on the availability of a campground with sufficient facilities to accomodate our group.  We aim to have our schedule of events calendar1posted at least six months ahead.

We also encourage mid-month outings, but these are not regular affairs (yet)! From time to time a group gets together mid-month to go boon-docking, or a small group plans an outing in a particular location that cannot accomodate our typical sized group.

Newsletter and Email list

Our monthly newsletter is sent to all FreeWheeler members on the Freewheeler Gmail email list.  You must be a member of RVW and FreeWheelers to get the newsletter.  Go to this page to join!  We do not mail any newsletters on paper; if you are not yet on email or have problems with your email, contact someone in the chapter for assistance.

The Freewheeler Gmail Email list is only used for the newsletter, registration information for outings Computerposted by the wagon hostess, occasional mid-month postings related to our chapter events, and news about our members when there is a crisis. If you have a horse to sell, news about your recent trip to Alaska, or need someone to help you drive to Alabama, plan ahead and send us this information to post in the newsletter.  Classified ads that are placed in the Newsletter will also be listed on this web site in “classifieds”.

RVW Freewheelers is a private Facebook group available only to members for sharing ideas, trip plans, RV adventures and more.  Some announcements are posted to the Facebook page and also sent as an email to all members on our Freewheelers Gmail list.