2016 Past Events

December 8-12, 2016

Host: Connie McKenna, Nancy Hoffman, Marie Moore, Kathy Nellis
Location: 49ers Far Horizons Village, Plymouth, CA

Our outing in December was raining and cool but that didn’t dampen our spirits but did let some of us know where we had leaks in our rigs. We California gals aren’t accustomed to rainy weekends!

We had 80 women, 48 rigs and 2 cabins full! Many of us arrived on Thursday and got set up. Friday morning found us decorating the large clubhouse with red tablecloths and colorful center pieces. The park provides a huge tree and other blow up decorations that really added to the Holiday spirit. The huge stone fireplace gave a homey feel to the room all weekend.

Friday evening was our Meet and Greet introducing new members and guests. We had 3 members from Cascadia Chapter spend the weekend with us! Then we had a SURPRISE birthday celebration for our own Shirley Leister who turned 90 but doesn’t look a day over 70 and still drives her own rig to outings! We finished the surprise by tying balloons to her rig early Sunday morning.

Saturday we scattered to the four winds. Some went shopping in Jackson, some in Sutter Creek and some stayed at the park. There was a Ukulele practice for the evening performance, the annual cookie exchange, a video by members depicting their maiden voyage, and some watched the Army-Navy game.

Saturday evening started with a feast! Then the winners of the rig decorating contest were announced. Chris and Sue Massey-Clover took home the prize again this year. The rest of us will have to step up our game next year and knock them off the winner’s throne. Then we all joined the Uke band in a boisterous version of The 12 Days of Christmas. The evening was topped off with the ever popular gift exchange game. There were some great gifts this year and some very interesting ones. Sue couldn’t interest anyone in her new “Cozy Spot”!

Sunday morning, we had our “clean out the fridge” breakfast and started the clean-up. Many of us stayed over Sunday night and some of us wandered down the road to the Mexican restaurant for dinner.

The weekend helped get us all into the Holiday spirit and we were all happy to spend it with old friends and new.

Submitted by Connie McKenna

November 10-13, 2016

Host: Michelle Gardner and Kathy Holt
Location: Vines RV Resort

Well for hosting our first rally, the Paso Robles Rally from November 10th – 13th, 2016 was a big hit.  I don’t know who had more fun the participants or the hosts. There were 26 ladies in 17 rigs and one cottage in attendance. I am glad to say a goodtime was had by all. The weekend started off with some early arrivals on Thursday night where some of us headed into San Luis Obispo for the widely known SLO Farmers Market.  There is produce like at any other farmers market but also so much more.  It runs for about 6 blocks and offers all sorts of food and other wares.  A few of us didn’t even make it half a block before we were munching on ribs, linguica and garlic bread. Most of us topped off the experience with a Cowboy Cookie bowl filled with ice cream.

Friday evening the resort put on a small wine tasting with a few vendors for the whole park and of course money did change hands for some very interesting drink mixes, pet toys and other items.

The rest of the weekend had folks going out to the beach and some of the small towns from Morro Bay to San Simeon and the Hearst Castle for a tour.  Of course there was a little wine tasting going on as well. As always the food and the comradery were great.  Every evening we shared wine and beer around a beautiful fire on the deck by the clubhouse.  Some just hung at the rigs and relaxed, read or played some cards.

The Vines RV Resort was a beautiful place and the staff was awesome.  They made sure that there was firewood available for us nightly and responded to any needs or requests that we had.  They even have a bar with pool table, heated pool and jacuzzi, and a beautiful clubhouse. Needless to say everyone found something to do.

I want to thank all that came for making Kathy’s and my first outing as host a success. It was unanimous that the folks that came would like to do this event again, so watch the Freewheeler events for next year’s date.

August 18-22, 2016

Hosts: Marilyn “Charlie” Chuck & Gina Nellor
Location:  Casini Ranch in Duncans Mills, CA

What a blast! Picture 81 women laughing, eating, playing, eating, socializing and eating    as the FreeWheelers returned to Casini Family Ranch Campground from August 18th through the 22nd. This beautiful campsite is located on the Russian River in Duncans Mills, California. A total of 45 rigs and 3 tents filled the entire middle of the campground. Along for their first outing were 5 new members, and 15 guests, several of whom have decided to join FreeWheelers.

Rachel, Joel and Nick joined us from Harp’s RV in Lincoln, CA. Joel and Nick kept busy all weekend repairing RVs and getting them ready for the trip to Convention in Mesa, Arizona. Rachel wowed the group Friday night after dinner with samples of new items available for our rigs and advice on maintenance and care of the rigs. As usual Rachel was both entertaining and informative.

Saturday morning started with an enormous pot luck breakfast followed by a balloon game. There is no way to explain the game that can do justice to the hysterical laughter it caused. Rumor has it that a video of it will be on
You Tube???

Next came 4 rig warmings, for Polly’s, Penny’s, Rachel’s plus Chris and Sue’s new rigs.

A highlight of the weekend was the birthday party after the Saturday night potluck dinner. Since everyone has a birthday, all birthdays were celebrated that night. Everyone sat with the other women who shared their astrological sign and took a test to determine who best matched the traits associated with their sign, and the winners each received a prize. To determine the best sign of the Zodiac, each group entered a representative in a hula hoop twirl-off with gold, silver and bronze medals, plus a prize given to the winners. Finally one  woman from each Zodiac sign blew out a candle on the birthday cake which was half vanilla decorated as “Younger than Springtime” and half chocolate decorated as “Older than Dirt.”
And then we all ate cake while being serenaded by five ukuleles, one banjo and some fine singing.

During the daytime, happy campers took advantage of the many recreational opportunities in the area. Some played golf, while others kayaked. Some played games, while others relaxed and visited old friends. One carload of campers drove to the river town of Guerneville to visit Armstrong Woods, shop and have gourmet ice cream, while another group visited Occidental. Eighteen of us had an incredible Sunday brunch at Cape Fear
and visited the boutique shops in Duncans Mills. Nineteen women went to River’s End in Jenner to watch the sunset over the ocean (which unfortunately was completely fogged in) but they all enjoyed a delicious dinner.

The feedback from the group was that everyone had a good time and so the campground has been scheduled for another FreeWheelers event next year from September 14th to the 18th.

Marilyn Chuck (Charlie) and Gina Nellor (wagonmasters)

April 7-11, 2016

Host: Babe Poe and Carol Guthrie
Location:  Jackson Rancheria

It seems like just yesterday I bought my motor home and met 4 ladies that were members of this Freewheelers group at the Morgan Hill Thousand Trails and two weeks later we all were headed to Tucson, Arizona for the RVing Woman’s Convention. That was in 2003.

All I can say is this outing was AWESOME. Nothing like jumping in with both feet to host my very first Freewheelers outing as wagon master because my co-host Carol was hospitalized. But as we say, Freewheelers roll with it, and many pitched in to make it happen

The Jackson RV park office let me use their yellow steel wagon all weekend to haul all the decorations and prizes from my motor home to the community room which was transformed to a display of beautiful spring colors. On Thursday evening 19 of us took the shuttle to the Casino buffet.

By Friday our rigs and motor homes took over 1/2 the park with 40 rigs and 58 ladies. On Friday at 5:30 p.m. we had our meet and greet and ice breakers. We also celebrated a few birthdays as well as anniversaries, and welcomed two new members Alice Reed from Sacramento and Rita Palmer from Calistoga.  Following this Travis & Tracy from the “Kitchen Store” did a presentation of new gadgets for our home & rigs and offered a 15 % discount on items we could come to the store to purchase. Many ventured down over the weekend and on their way home. That evening many played games in the club house or took in the hot tub.

Most everyone showed up on Saturday for our pot luck breakfast in spite of having to dodge rain drops. Mary Sue had arranged for Ron Delaney of Gold Country Driving School to teach us some tips on basic maintenance for tires, hot water heaters and coach batteries. Plus, the first three things to check when an electrical device doesn’t work. #1 check the GFI plugs, #2 check breakers in the rig, #3 check breakers at the shore power post. He also gave us hints for correct turns and for backing, depending on type of RV, and some driving tips that made some of us realize we might benefit from a little tune up with Ron! The rain allowed us to put off maintenance for a bit. But it didn’t damper our spirits for activities, or stop anyone from playing miniature golf on the putting green holding umbrellas, or from using the 85degree swimming pool or one of the hot tubs. At 1:30 p.m. I hosted our “Spring Fling Hat” contest. Some of the craziest and creative hats I have ever seen. I had to award prizes to everyone that participated. At 3:00 p.m. I had everyone play trivia games and “A camping we will go” and it was a hit and I awarded prizes to the winners. At 6:00 p.m. we had 57 ladies at our annual pot luck dinner with some of the best dishes! Everyone received raffle tickets for prizes ranging from spring silk flowers, towels, table cloths, garden gloves and pots of flowers that I had made. I took lots of pictures and some are included here.

As I hugged everyone and pulled away on Mon. April 11th. I couldn’t believe it was over already. I need to “Thank” all the members (so many), who help make this outing a success. If you really want to get to know our members, host an outing!

Babe Poe, Wagon Master

March 3-6, 2016

Hosts: Gail Chadbourne and Gwen Morgan
Location:  Durango RV Resort

28 brave FreeWheelers arrived in Red Bluff for what was predicted to be a very rainy weekend. And Mother Nature did not disappoint! Friday was very wet, Saturday was wet and very windy! Outside shoes and plastic bins blew from one row to another. Driving to and from Durango was actually pretty easy.

Getting to the Clubhouse with delicious meals and supplies in hand was no small feat! Because our hosts

Gwendolyn and Gail had planned for bad weather and coaxed us into the clubhouse all hours of the day,  we spent more time together than at many outings. We had the usual feeding opportunities with the delightful addition of time set aside for us to introduce ourselves to one another, both Friday and Saturday nights. Turns out we have quite a number of ladies who hail from New York, who bravely like others, traveled west to their dream destination, and quite a number of California Natives!

The educational exchange Saturday morning was led by Mary Sue and appropriately titled “Oops! How did that happen? Much practical information was shared and greatly appreciated since we had several ladies pretty new to RVing. You had to be there to appreciate the learnings and laughter that resulted from some of the stories people told on themselves! Some took off for the nearest Casino and one was reported to have won $350.00! Mary Jo shared pictures and stories of her pilgrimage “The Camino” that she did a couple of years ago. Not only was it awe inspiring to listen to her and look at pictures, it was amazing to watch her face and spirit light up as she told her story! Worth a repeat for sure!

Due to heavy rains and a noisy night, some slipped away for afternoon naps on Saturday. For those who didn’t, there were plenty of games with a regular contingent of players, a craft show with lots of pretty jewelry, and many ongoing conversations. We had a pleasant surprise when Sue Pfluecke, Kathy Zeichick and Kris Nunez drove down to join us for dinner and Saturday night. Great to see them again!

This was an intimate weekend that left us feeling like we knew each other better, and could wear a t-shirt that says “We survived Durango, 2016”!

January 28-31, 2016

Host: Arleen Huffman and Marlene Morrison
Location:  Casa de Fruta RV Resort

This outing is a constant favorite because the facilities and staff are so nice and the company of our friends just seems that much more special. The weather was more like it used to be in the “old” pre-drought days with some rain most nights and even a little hailstorm Sunday night but this did not slow anyone down at all.

We had 32 rigs and about 53 women in attendance with about half of those arriving Thursday. For most of the weekend, folks played games in the Music Hall, took advantage of the nice WiFi signal in the room or knitted or worked the sewing machines. We had some work going on with our new Website Committee with Penny Walker and Peggy Chinn hard at work learning about forms. We had great food as usual at all of our get togethers and welcomed some new members Friday Night. We also had the opportunity to say ThankYou to Peggy Chinn for all her work on our beautiful FW Website over the years with Arleen singing her a very special version of ” I’ve Got a Crush on You”.

Saturday Night , after a wonderful potluck, the group got down to some serious play with a musical night hosted by DJ Arleen of Sunshine Sounds. We did lots of silly fun things like line dancing (The Stroll and the ever popular Cupid Shuffle) , singing, lip synching . I think all had a good time! Some of us were lucky enough (or in the case of your Outing Hosts, Arleen & Marlene, too tired to go home) who stayed Sunday night and had a wonderful and funny meal together at the Casa De Fruta restaurant while we watched a hail storm blow through. I have come to really enjoy the Sunday Night  “leftovers” folks… it’s so nice to get time talk with smaller groups of these outstanding women we call “FreeWheelers”.

Thanks to everyone whose excitement and participation made this outing terrific.e

January 7 – 9, 2016

Host: Sharon Schauer
Location:  Vineyard RV Park, 4985 Midway Road, Vacaville, CA 95688

36 women FreeWheeler in 22 rigs gathered together at Vineyard RV Park in Vacaville. The cold weather was forgotten as we played games by the warmth of the Franklin stove and enjoyed the festive New Year’s decorations. Several joined together for an impromptu happy hour on Thursday night and played games.

Friday night started off with hot apple cider, spiced and plain provided by the hostesses, Sharon Schauer, Doc Seday and Lee Schremp. Our finger food potluck followed and was, as usual, delicious and abundant. Many stayed in the clubhouse by the warm fire for hours catching up with one another at the first outing of the year. Later at night, we were lulled to sleep by the sound of much needed rain.

At Saturday morning potluck breakfast we were treated to a real delicacy, freshly made blueberry, strawberry and chocolate chip pancakes flipped by Doc. Saturday afternoon was enlivened by playing “Pig in a Poke”. Members brought “White Elephant” items in a paper bag and others bid on them with Marlene Morrison being the high bidder of the day. We had a hilarious time and raised a grand total of $400.00 for the FreeWheelers’ fund.

Saturday night potluck was yummy, followed by card and other games. Sunday morning we joined together for leftovers breakfast and to say goodbye to those who were leaving. A few stayed until Monday. Even though the weather was cold and inclement, the atmosphere in the club house was warm and fun.