2011 Events

February 4-6, 2011

Arleen Huffman, Marlene Morrison
Casa de Fruta, Hollister, CA

Usually we love Casa De Fruta in February because it’s a great place to be when it’s rainy and cold. However, this year we found out that Casa is a terrific place to be when it’s dry, clear ,mild and ,well GORGEOUS!

Our outing started with about half the women arriving on Thursday with the rest meandering in Friday. Everyone was greeted and received her very own Passport for the weekend. Friday Night was our usual “Meet & Greet” where we welcomed a lot of great guests and caught up on the “news”.

Marlene catches up on the gossip with the FW Hitch Hiker
Saturday morning brought breakfast among friends and a day of visiting all the fun aspects that Casa can offer. A few folks took to the road and went to various attractions such as San Juan Bautista and Monterey.    At 1:00 PM Peggy Chinn hosted a very active drum circle which she held outside because it has been so beautiful. Inside the clubhouse there was a lot of rehearsing and decorating taking place as we prepared for the evening event…our “FreeWheeler Cabaret” Talent Show and All Girl Band!

The dinner hour arrived and our group took our theme, ”Around the World in 80 Rigs”  to great lengths. We had not only some of the best foods we have ever seen at a potluck but from so many countries I stopped counting.  We even had some women who came in international costumes…. It was all colorful, delicious and fun!   After dinner we took a brief break so everyone could do their dishes, walk their dogs and do other assorted chores and reconvened back at the “Music Hall” at 7:00 PM.

After an introduction and song by Outing Host and MC, Arleen Huffman, we proceeded to watch several of our members and a couple of our guests get up and deliver some terrific entertainment.

We had story telling by Winona Abrams and a song sung by Celia Buckley. Babe Poe had us in stitches as she gave a “royal” stand- up routine. Them Brenda Reimer (accompanied by one of our guests), Shari Kline sang a couple of K.D.Lang songs. Shari did a piano piece by herself and then we finished the talent portion with some great vocals from another guest, Morgan Pascke.  When it was all over, Shari Kline came away with the prize awarded by resounding audience acclaim (aka: the Applause-o-Meter).

Finally we capped this fun night off by a set performed by our own All Girl Band. The band was in terrific form that night and truly ROCKED the house as we all danced, sang and tapped our toes.

Next morning we met together one more time to clean outthose refrigerators and said our farewells. Chalk up another wonderful FreeWheeler outing!   Marlene and I will be back next year to try this again and who KNOWS what the theme will be next time!

March 11-12, 2011

Beverly Smith, Faye Mendenhall and Judy Leonard
Durango RV Resort, Red Bluff, CA

By noon on Thursday the RVs were pulling into the spacious sites at Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff. Twenty “early bird” rigs were in place by evening and their occupants contributed to the taco/burrito bar in the clubhouse. One of our hosts Beverly Smith provided the taco shells.

Later that evening some members enjoyed the hot tub while others sat in front of the outdoor roaring fire pit. Those who didn’t want to brave the evening chill stayed inside next to the large fire pit in the clubhouse.

By Friday evening 28 rigs and 45 FreeWheelers were enjoying the festivities. Beverly Hiltachk served her famous root beer floats on Friday afternoon. At 5 p.m. wine tasting and appetizers were served at the “Meet and Greet.” Thanks to Mary Sue and Irene and Judy, we had a plethora of varieties from which to sample. Our activities director Judy Leonard welcomed a new member, Kathleen Meyer, with a strand of “Freewheeler” beads. We also enjoyed meeting a visitor, Noni Smyth, from the SoCal group.

On Saturday morning, we met for a sumptuous breakfast. At 11 a.m. the FreeWheelers chapter president Cheryl Clark held a christening for her rig to celebrate her upcoming retirement and movement into the full-time ranks. We met at 3 p.m. at Beverly’s rig for root beer floats again.

At 4 p.m. Christy Stevens showed us how to access the RVW website as well as the Freewheeler website, Shutterfly and the Yahoo Groups sites. She diligently provided instruction on a one-on-one basis for those who wished afterwards.

By 6 p.m. on Saturday evening, we were enjoying “comfort” food (and wine left from Friday night) in the Clubhouse. One thing the FreeWheelers do well is eat! About 20 of us thoroughly enjoyed watching Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera. Several members declared that watching a movie on Saturday night at Durango was a tradition they wanted to continue. Afterwards the lure of the hot tub and the outside fire drew small gatherings again.

Sunday dawned with wind and rain. Losing an hour with the change to daylight savings time kept many in bed so only a few of the tried and true showed up for breakfast. We said goodbye to many friends after breakfast and look forward to seeing them again at upcoming outings. On Sunday evening 11 of us went to Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta for dinner.

April 15 – 17, 2011

Hosts by Irene Paulin and Mary Sue Ferrell.
Location: Lake Pardee, Ione, CA, 4900 Stoney Creek Rd, Ione CA 95642.

While it rained before and after, the weather for this weekend was just right for our 6th annual weenie roast and boondocking rally. The recreation area is located 40 miles southeast of Sacramento where the grass is lush, wildflowers abound, turkeys gobbled and the lake is stocked with fish. With a full moon on Monday, everyone enjoyed the night skies. There were a total of 57 women in 37 rigs, including 16 solos and 4 guests, gathered for the weekend which was hosted by Irene Paulin and Mary Sue Ferrell.

Our first real campfire of the year occurred under great weather conditions Friday evening after a “meet and greet” new members and “old” friends, and announcement time. The coals were perfect for roasting marshmallows.

Saturday morning started with a breakfast potluck and the offerings were close to gourmet. Following breakfast, those interested gathered for an educational session moderated by Irene Paulin. Each rig presented a favorite campground or two. Irene will type up what was presented and send out to attendees.

FreeWheelers have added shopping and playing games to their ongoing interests in eating and talking. For the shoppers, Sheridan Designs was selling off their inventory at great prices, Sue Copeland had custom designed magnetic jewelry, and Jane Hiatt was showing her scroll saw wood pieces. For the 2nd year we had a double elimination Washer Toss tournament with 14teams, almost double the number from last year. The primary object of washer toss is to have fun and meet new friends. The winning team was Merrily Robinson/Pam Walden and in second place was the team of Pat Tinker/Shirley Leister.

After the “competition,” everyone was either starved or exhausted so we gathered around the fire pit to cook hot dogs to go along with delicious side dishes. Once the sun set we returned to a perfect fire and continued a tradition of remembering special people, past and present, with “fairy dust” which when sprinkled on the flames makes pretty colors. Thanks to everyone who brought firewood. With fires Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, we used almost all of the wood.
Saying goodbye on Sunday can take a while, so a dozen rigs spent another night so we didn’t have to rush off.

April 28 – May 1, 2011

Sharon Adams and Susan Stanton
Location: Rancheria RV Park, Jackson

Host Sharon Adams welcomed 42 rigs and 65 members and guests to the Jackson Rancheria RV Park in Jackson, California for the weekend of April 28 to May 1 in the beautiful foothills of the Gold Country. Thursday we were on our own to visit the historic sites or the casino. Sharon set up a book exchange table at her rig and also collected canned food for the local food bank.  Each day at 3:00 pm Beverly had Root Beer Floats for all to enjoy.

Friday at 6:00 pm was our potluck appetizer “Meet and Greet” in the beautiful clubhouse. New members and guests were welcomed. Saturday morning was our potluck breakfast. We then “warmed” a new Trailer of Sue Clark with lots of cheers. Everyone was on their own to explore the Gold Country for the day. Some went geocaching, to the casino, or to local historic towns and shopping. Our very own Tinker Gals brought their T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. for sale from Sheridan Designs. Several gals had homemade items for sale and Christy Stevens gave a computer class.

Saturday night was bring a dish to share for the potluck and bring your own meat for the B-B-Q if you wanted to partake. Our “All Girl Band” played after dinner to an arousing crowd. The clubhouse was filled with card players and domino players later in the evening. Sunday morning was our clean out the refrigerator breakfast potluck. We said goodbye to those that had to leave Sunday afternoon, but had 26 rigs staying the night into Monday. Some of us went to the casino for the local Hot Jazz concert. And we collected 90 pounds of canned goods for our local food bank. Thank you all. We had fabulous spring weather and lots of great camaraderie. We hope our guests that came to check out RVingWomen will join us.

June 2-5, 2011

Christy Stevens and Marilyn Coey
Location: Woodson Bridge RV Park, Corning

Out of 44 rigs in attendance we had a whopping 31 arrive at Woodson Bridge on Thursday. All total we had 65 women including two RVW full-timers who have made Woodson Bridge their home base. Located right on the Sacramento River under a beautiful canopy of trees, it’s no wonder this is such a popular outing location. Even with rain every day (nothing too heavy) we all had a great time.

Thursday and Friday Curt was there for the traditional rig washings in spite of a few drops of rain. Joel from Harp’s RV Repair was there Friday and Saturday working hard at fixing this and that on several rigs.

Thursday found many women heading to the Rolling Hills Casino for the senior ½ off dinner buffet. The rest of us stayed back and had dinners at our rigs with friends. Friday you could see many of us flittering from rig to rig dodging the rain drops.

Fortunately it wasn’t cold so some spent time under the awnings enjoying the serenity or playing games. The meet-n-greet was a full house with several newbie’s, two-timers and guests in attendance.

Saturday we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast potluck in the clubhouse. After breakfast Mary had a rig warming for her new trailer, then many of us returned to the clubhouse to listen to Rachel’s RV maintenance presentation. The rest of Saturday found some folks visiting wineries, some checking out the olive factory stores, some attending Cheryll’s CPR class and some just hanging out chatting and playing games. Saturday evening’s “Trailer Trash” potluck was a hit with everything from hamburger helper to pigs in a blanket to Twinkies for dessert. We even had a few women dress to the nines (well, maybe only to the fours) with slippers on their feet and curlers in their hair. Just about everyone stayed for Bingo which was full of laughs and big money winners.

The number of women who decided to attend the outing knowing it was going to be a rainy weekend was amazing. It was even more amazing how many said they had a great time despite the rain. We already have requests for sites for next year.

As first time hosts we can honestly tell you it was a great joy and really not at all difficult. We had plenty of time for doing our own thing and visiting with friends. We were not going to host next year, but we had such a great time that we signed up. See you all next year!!! Christy and Marilyn

July 8-10, 2011

Debbie Hurrle and Margot Jordan
Location: Cisco Grove Campground and RV Park

The Cisco Grove camp out was a perfect relaxed weekend in the pines by the river. People arriving on Thursday and Friday were greeted by our longtime friends Pat White and Colleen Buser, who now live in Flagstaff, AZ. It was wonderful to have them join us for our outing. Our outing leaders Debbie and Margot owe them” big time” for handling all the issues that have to be taken care of at the beginning of an outing… like electricity… this can make or break an outing.

The outing began on Thursday, July 7, 2011 for half of the attendees. A total of 30 rigs, 45 people including 2 who stayed off-site and 1 who stayed at the Cisco Grove Motel participated in the event.

Friday Night
After some very strong women helped unload the BBQ from Deb & Margot’s rig the cooking began. This included everything from steaks to tofu. We were off to a great time.” Meet and Greet” turned into “Meat and Party”!

Breakfast was great, even if Beth had to take care of the biscuits and gravy by herself as Susan stayed home with a cold. We missed Susan’s “pinky touch”. Breakfast was wonderful with lots of fresh fruit and goodies even beautiful fruit kabobs provided by our own Casper. Breakfast was followed by a group activity called, “Set up the Shade Structure” which was quite entertaining.

Activity – A few people participated in activities other than eating. Bonnie and Ruth graciously invited everyone to their cabin at the lake. Unfortunately it was still winter there with snow and wind. Only the Brave survived.

Root Beer Floats were even better than usual as they were topped with a visit from Kip and Nell and furry friends. Talk about a cherry on the top!

Dinner – After being “piped” to dinner by our own Martha Yates playing her bagpipes our Salad Bar Potluck turned into quite a feast. As the ice cream maker motors serenaded us during dinner, homemade ice cream was forming. The toppings were abundant (thanks to Beth), devoured by all and we were ready to begin the evening festivities.

At this time Gracie White, self-proclaimed sister to Vanna White (you remember “Gracie”) showed up in a lovely flowered dress and invited everyone to play Minute-To-Win-It.

We had many great contestants, good sports and winners. Arlene was the happiest with her prize…Over the Hill Bingo game. They stacked metal nuts on the table, dice on a knife held in their mouths (very dangerous stunt), blew up balloons and stacked three apples. Do not try this at home.

Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, the campfire followed with three members from our own All Girl Band playing and singing for us. Special thanks to Marie, Nancy and Judy. The chicken dance was famously led by Cathy the band roadie. A few diehards even stayed up and had marshmallows.

Sunday found us at our famous refrigerator Clean-Out Breakfast and big hugs and wishes for safe travel to all who had to leave. The lucky ones who stayed another day went to Truckee for BBQ dinner – YUM.

August 5-7, 2011

Celia Buckley and Marion Randall
Location: Rivers Edge RV Park (near Graeagle)

A total of 45 women and 29 rigs enjoyed the wonderful weather at Clio’s Rivers Edge RV park near Graeagle CA.. The RV park is nestled amongst many beautiful pine trees in the high Sierra Nevada mountains. The majority of our members and guestsarrived on Thursday and many were able to stay until Monday.

On Friday evening we crammed into the little clubhouse for the traditional Friday night meet and greet munchies. After munchies we grouped at the picnic table for a pet party. Each woman introduced their pet and some had their dogs demonstrate tricks. It was heartwarming to hear the stories of the many rescued pets and poignant to hear about some of their special needs. All clearly bring much happiness to their people.

On Saturday people kayaked on nearby streams and lakes while others played a round of golf. Some ventured to nearby Graeagle which is dotted with interesting shops and antique stores and restaurants and some visited the Rail Road museum in Portola. At noon almost 20 of us went on a hike to the nearby Frazier Falls, rated a 1 for effort and a 10 for beauty. A gorgeous walk through the forest past ferns, wildfires and granite to the 176 foot falls.

In the afternoon we gathered for an ice cream sundae partywith more toppings than anyone could want. When we ran out of ice cream, Jane Hiatt went to her rig and produced more! Our members are always ready for emergencies.

We said goodbye to many on Sunday after our potluck breakfasts and then sat down in the sun or the shade of the dense pines to read, relax and dream! Monday morning brought more goodbye’s and plans to see each other at the next outing.

Happy Trails, Celia and Marion

September 8-11, 2011

Hosts: Connie DeCoud and Joan Beason
Location: Canyon Creek, Winters

Forty-one women in 28 rigs withstood triple digit heat on the hottest weekend of the year at Canyon Crest RV Resort in Winters, CA. The members were given flags and yellow ribbons printed with Remember 9/11 to wear on their name badges.

The heat caused a lowered electricity voltage and sent a number of members to the pool and nearby Lake Isabella. The heat didn’t stop some from going geocaching.
The resort provided a few pizzas for the Friday evening meet-and-great. Seven new members were announced and welcomed. (Photo to the right: Angela lowers flag to half-mast for 911 victims)

The hostesses provided tortillas for breakfast Saturday, which were stuffed with fillings brought by the members. (Photo to the left: rig decorated to honor 911 victims and families)

After breakfast our own Rachel Harp taught us all about winterizing our rigs which was hard to imagine in the triple digit heat.

Saturday dinner was a potluck of all-American dishes from stew, hot dogs, red, white and blue jello salad, mac and cheese and various other culinary delights to homemade pie from freshly picked blackberries. After dinner, there were rig warmings for three new RV’s. (Photo to the left: Martha plays bagpipes while flag is lowered)

The resort provided a rotisserie BBQ door prize that was raffled off to add $100 to the chapter treasury. Additionally, red, white and blue door prizes were given away.  Jane Hiatt won a prize for the most appropriately decorated rig.

Sunday morning, the group attended a memorial service to honor the 9/11 victims and their families.  Angela Pettit gave a short talk on flag etiquette and then briskly raised a brand new flag which she later lowered to half-mast while Martha Yates played a moving bagpipe piece.  Martha also played Amazing Grace and America The Beautiful. (Photo to the left: Marie and Martha jam)

Joan Beason asked the group to honor the victims by making 9/11 a day of community service. Patti Patten and Merrily Robinson then burned the old flag.

Our traditional Sunday morning clean-out-the-frig breakfast followed and well wishes bestowed to those going home. (Photo to the right: Rachel teaching a maintenance class)

Those who stayed an extra day had a wonderful dinner at the historic Buckhorn Restaurant in Winters.YUM!!!!

Happy Trails,

Your Hosts
Joan Beason and Connie DeCoud

September 30 – October 2, 2011

Host: Connie Mart
Location: Olema RV Resort and Campground

November 18-20, 2011

Hosts: 2011 FreeWheelers Board
Location:  Sugarbarge RV Resort, Bethel Island
Phone: (800) 799-4100

The FreeWheelers November outing was held November 18-20 at the Sugar Barge RV Resort on Bethel Island in the heart of the Sacramento / San Joaquin River Delta. This outing was hosted by the FreeWheelers board.

Thursday – Many people arrived on Thursday to get a jump start on the weekend. They were greeted at the park entrance by one of the board member outing hosts. Members were given an agenda for the weekend activities and directed to their assigned RV space. They also received a special treat for the humans on board and an additional treat for the fur people who came along to supervise their humans.  It’s always fun to arrive early and have that extra time to just visit and catch up on what everyone has been up to.

Friday – During the day people were free to tour the Delta area, fish, boat ride, hike, bird watch (the annual arrival of the magnificent sandhill cranes was all around us), golf, shop, or just enjoy each other’s company. Friday was the traditional meet and greet munchies.

Saturday – Saturday morning found us in the clubhouse surrounding tables full of breakfast potluck food. YUM!!!!  What a great way to start the day. Good food – good friends – it doesn’t get any better than that.  After breakfast we held our annual business meeting.

We then regrouped at Robin and Laura’s new VERY BIG fifth wheel for a rig christening.

Arlene and Marlene made a great campfire and many of us shared the warmth and good company in the late afternoon.

Saturday evening – SURPRISE – there we were eating again. Once again we outdid ourselves with a plethora of potluck dishes to die for.

After dinner we held a memorial for Joan Ladd who we lost this past year. We watched a movie about Joan’s life. Various members recalled all the good times we shared with our beloved Joan. RIP Joan. Your jokes, stories, and dancing will be missed at our outings.

Then we were entertained by our own ALL GIRL BAND. They just keep getting better. This was Judy Leonard’s last performance with the band as she has sold all her worldly possessions and is going to hit the road full time. 

Sunday – A few of us met for our Sunday morning clean out the fridge breakfast. Others readied their rigs for the trip home. Those of us who were staying over till Monday carpooled to Island Joe’s for a wonderful dinner.

Happy Trails
Your 2011 board

December 1-4, 2011

Hosts: Beverly Hiltachk & Winona Abrams
Location: Heritage RV Park, Corning.

Twenty-three Freewheelers and One Fulltimer, Leila Bronson, (who by chance drove into the RV park on Thursday), in 16 RV’s enjoyed a wonderful Christmas outing. Some arrived on Thursday, battling some very heavy wind, and 13 of us carpooled to the buffet dinner at the Casino, everyone else arrived on Friday.

Everyone was given a Cone Christmas Tree to decorate for patients in a convalescent hospital to help brighten their holiday, and Friday afternoon we met in the clubhouse with glue guns, scissors, ribbons, glitter, buttons, feathers, jewels and small holiday trimmings. The whole afternoon was spent laughing, visiting and creatively decorating these trees.

Afterwards we enjoyed our traditional root beer floats by Beverly. Friday evening was our Meet and Greet time with lots of finger foods and munchies, then we did a walkabout to view the Holiday Decorated Rigs done up with lights, tinsel and lots of shiny stuff.

Saturday began with our usual morning potluck breakfast which is always delicious. Immediately following, we had a pet parade for the Best Dressed Pet, attended by a dozen dogs clad in hats, dresses, sweaters, bells or bling. Owners and pets had a great time visiting with each other despite the brisk cool wind.

Corning was holding their Annual Christmas Fair with exhibits, crafts, food, music and Santa so some attended that and/or went to the Olive Oil Company for tasting, tour and gift shop. During the afternoon we finished decorating the Cone Trees, everyone pitched in and not only did their own, but did more so that we could get all 48 of them done. We were so busy, and having so much fun doing it , we forgot to have our Root Beer Floats!!!! That has never happened before.

Some of you may have heard that our newly elected Chapter Leader, Angela Pettit, was seen going through a window on Winona’s RV on Saturday afternoon. It did happen, and there is a mighty happy RV owner that Angela was there and able to help out so a locksmith didn’t have to be called.

Saturday evening we enjoyed one of our tasty potlucks, we always eat well and this time was no exception. Right after cleaning up from dinner, excitement began to build as we waited for Santa to arrive and give out the awards for the contests, door prizes, and of course our gift exchange. Right on time, our Santa, Beverly, showed up with her helper elf, Judy, and they began the festivities.

Winner of the prettiest decorated Cone Tree was Patty Kenyon, and the Most Original award went to Judy Leonard. The 1st prize for Decorated Rig went to Winona Abrams, 2nd to Angela and Jonni Pettit. Best Dressed Pet was Happy Camper and his Mom, Sue Copeland.

We began the gift exchange, where your name is drawn and you may choose one of the gifts or “steal” one from a previous recipient. A great deal of fun and laughter was a large part of this as some gifts were taken. Lots of wonderful Door prizes and the beautiful table decorations were also drawn for and given away.

Sunday morning we held our clean out the fridge/farewall breakfast and most left during the morning. The 5 remaining went to a nearby Mexican restaurant for lunch, then we said goodbye to 2 of them in the afternoon. The last 3 rolled out on Monday morning.

Many thanks to the ladies who helped with the undecorating, packing, carrying and cleaning on Sunday.

We asked for donations for Senior Angels, where much needed items like slippers, robes and personal things have been requested by needy seniors. We collected $52.40 for them. We also asked for donations to Care Car Riders to help provide $ 2.00 ride tickets for those unable to pay for needed rides to anywhere they need to go. We collected $64.40.

Your outing hosts
Beverly and Winnona