2008 Events

January 4-6, 2008

Tracy Wildlife Preserve, Tracy, CA

For a Boondock outing this was a wild one. Ten brave souls weathered the winds and rain that introduced itself to the new year 2008 WOW. Fortunately, we were able to park our rigs right around the clubhouse. A roaring wood burning stove kept us cozy and warm. The birders had a field day, spotting lots of birds, but the fishergals seemed to be content to stay dry. Nothing that was planned happened, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time together. Good food and challenging games, when we weren’t listening to some interesting information about native Americans and their lifestyle, helped us relax while the wind howled outside.

Unfortunately, we did have a little excitement. When Linda went out to the country store, there were seven sheriff’s cars surrounding the building. The store was robbed and the attendant was shot. Made us appreciate that we were behind locked gates on our private island.

February 2-4, 2008

Delta Shores, Isleton, CA

Our February outing was held at Delta Shores Resort in Isleton.  What a great weekend. We had 32 rigs with 46 women. The rain and wind couldn’t dampen the spirits of those attending. We had everything from: Pull Sue and Glo out of the mud entertainment to Chili cook-off, line dance lessons and even a new rig (Jeri’s) dedication. A gift of soft slippers, to soothe their sore feet, was given to the line dance teachers as a thank you. We had a tie in the chili cook-off Saturday night with a vegetarian chili by Noni and a weight watcher recipe from Jeri. The prize of 3 boxes of crock pot liners and crock pot mixes went to Jeri since Noni couldn’t use them.

Saturday night, after dinner, several games were going on. The one I was involved in was a partner Skip-bo which was a total crack-up.  On Super bowl Sunday we had a party sponsored by Delta Shores with door prizes, pizza, sandwiches, decorated cake and all. The Freewheeler football pool was won by Beth and Joan each taking two quarters. Thank you everyone for participating in that fun week-end.

March 2-4, 2008

Sherman Island, CA

Everyone must have really felt the need to join their Freewheeler friends, as we had over 40 rigs and almost 70 people participate in the March outing (including a few who just dropped by for the day), despite a change in location at the last moment. Alhtough this was our first time at this resort, they welcomed us with open arms and made all the participants – “old” and “new” – feel right at home, and we suspect we’ll be back! The weather was perfect and the group enjoyed our usual gatherings with food, and more food, and in the meantime took advantage of the area for walks, birding, or just relaxing in the unseasonably warm weather.

“Newbies” got christened at our meet and greet on Friday night with introductions and loaning of brightly colored bead necklaces – with the admonition to wear the necklace all weekend and returning it the next time they come to a Freewheeler outing. This tradition, started late last year, seems to have caught on and a number of our first-timers commented that they appreciated the warm welcomes they received.
We christened Nancy & Connie’s new rig, a real beauty, and in walking through the resort remarked on the diversity of our members’ selections – from pop-up trailers, to vans to a first-timer with a 40’ Class A Alpha!
As always, there was a lot of information to share and members helping others with “problems” encountered.

It was with sadness (and envy) that I had to leave on Sunday afternoon, leaving a few more of our group to stay over one more day for a bit more relaxation, conversation and (I suspect) food!
Jeri McLees

APRIL 4-6, 2008 

Marge O’Neil, Sharon Adams, Sue Stanton
NEW Rancheria RV park in Jackson, CA – http://www.jacksoncasino.com/lodging/rv_park.aspx 
Hosts Marge O’Neill and Sharon Adams welcomed 41 rigs with 68 women to the brand new RV Park at the Jackson Rancheria in Gold Country at Jackson, Ca for our April 3 to 7 weekend.

Thursday everyone was on their own. Friday was check in for the remainder of the group. At 6 pm, we had a potluck appetizer event in the very elaborate club house. Good food and fun was shared by all. Some folks went to the Rancheria to gamble, others stayed in the clubhouse talking.

Saturday found the group gathered around 9 am for Susan & Beth’s famous biscuits & Gravy along with other breakfast items provided by the members. At 10 am we had a very worthwhile class provided by our own Rachel Harp. We called it “RV Setup 101”, as she gave information for the new members on how to properly set up their rigs. She also informed the membership about the up-coming changes regarding digital televisions and what our rigs would need to be able to have our TVs working. After the class, folks were on their own to explore the Gold Country. There were many things to choose from, i.e. Daffodil Hill, Sutter Gold Mine, Sutter Creek, voted “Best preserved gold rush town” in the country, to name a few. There was the Casino, and of course the new lovely swimming pool, and the trail to walk. Saturday evening found us sharing our famous potluck, which always brings the best in folks. We had a wide array of food to choose from, as well as the barbecue which many folks took advantage of. Then, more conversation, games, and naturally the casino. Sunday morning we gathered for breakfast, as an excuse to clean out our respective refrigerators. Then those who were leaving on Sunday packed up and did so. Those who planned to stay through Monday were on their own.

We are definitely returning in April of 2009! To see wonderful photos of the weekend, Irene Stevens posted 120 photos on the web! Go to
Best to put it on slideshow and let ‘er rip. If you are adverse to registering let Irene know and she’ll send a different link. She always enjoys any comments, corrections, etc.

May 2-4, 2008 

Pat Maccias & Doris Aab
Porto Bodega RV Park, 1500 Bay Flat Road, Bodega Bay, CA,

Thirty- three rigs gathered for the FreeWheelers May outing at Porto Bodega RV Park in Bodega Bay. Under clear, (mostly) but quite windy skies, (small dogs had to be securely tied), some hardy souls ventured out Saturday and Sunday to explore the area, the ocean, the bay, the harbor, bird, check out the various restaurants in the area, (wonderful barbequed oysters at Tony’s) and help the economy by purchasing various “wind” items. That is, wind socks, kites and flags. And I am sure the salt water taffy folks noted an increase in their sales for that weekend. Saturday morning the “biscuits and gravy” breakfast potluck crowd outdid themselves again. Breakfast was held outside because for a few hours the wind settled down, so we took advantage of it. The sausage gravy was delicious, the biscuits light and fluffy, bacon and sausage just right, the assorted egg dishes were nicely done and what wonderful fresh fruit dishes! Our Cinco de Mayo pot luck was a wonderful success Saturday night. Quite an array of wonderful Mexican casseroles and items disappeared quickly. Does it seem like all we do is eat at these GTG’s? What great cooks these FreeWheelers are! Loved those sombreros too! A special “thank-you” to those that helped to clean up. Much appreciated. After a leftovers breakfast Sunday, most left for home, but a lucky few were able to spend another day at the park. It seems to help with the cost of gas if you can “come early and stay late.” Or so I tell myself. Fortunately, the weather co-operated. All in all, I think everyone enjoyed themselves for whatever length of time they were able to stay.
Pat Macias
Doris Aab

May 29 – June 2, 2008

Beth Gilliam & Susan DuShane 
Woodson Bridge RV Park, Corning CA http://www.woodsonbridgervpark.com/
Woodson Bridge, 25433 South Ave., Corning, Ca. on the Beautiful Sacramento River. 6 miles East of I-5 on the South Ave. Corning exit or 3 miles West of Hwy. 99 on South Ave.

Our 4th Spring Clean-up Camp Out RV’s began to arrive on Thursday, to get a jump-start on the weekend. We had a total of 57 rigs and 88 people. On Friday night we held our Greet & Eat. Thanks again to everyone who brought food to share. Good Food, Good Friends and a Great turn out.

As we have done in the past, on Friday & Saturday mornings we started out with buckets, soap & brushes for any and all awnings that needed cleaning. On Saturday morning, following our regular breakfast get-together, we were fortunate enough to enjoy the latest RV “stuff” on the market, brought to us by Rachel Harp (of the now famous Rachel’s Ramblings). Her husband Joel, spent the whole weekend working on RV’s that needed his services. A big shout out to Carl, a local gentleman who went from rig to rig pressure washing & shining our equipment.

Saturday evening we were delighted to have “The All Girl Band” perform for us. If you were at the convention in Lodi last year, then you know how fun and talented they are. And, lo & behold, we enjoyed a surprise visit from our own “Gracie & Nursie”. Not a dry eye in the house on that one.

Though the Indian Casino was attended, it was hard to compete with all that was happening in our own camp. Still it is always nice to hear that some of the group came back to camp with some pretty nice winnings. After four successful years of organizing this outing, we would like to take a moment to personally thank each and everyone of you who have helped us make this weekend such a memorable experience. FreeWheelers really come together, and when they do, wonderful things happen. This has been a lot of fun.

Happy Trails, Take Care and Be Safe Beth & Susan

July 11-13, 2008

Debbie Hurrle, Margot Jordan, Colleen Buser, Pat White. Contact: Pat White or Colleen Buser –
Cisco Grove – http://www.campingfriend.com/ciscogrovecampgroundandrvpark/

July 11 – 13: In spite of the smoke and poor air quality from forest fires, a good time was had by all. We had 26 rigs and 42 women in attendance. Eleven rigs arrived on Thursday; a couple came early to escape the smoke in the Sacramento Valley. Thirteen rigs left on Monday morning; most stayed to avoid the Sunday traffic and enjoy a bit more of the great time we all had.

Friday night was an informal “meet and greet” at the picnic area, a large site reserved for the get-togethers. New comers were introduced and given beads to wear by Jeri, our chapter leader. It is not a good thing to wear the beads with bug repellant, unless you like having green skin!!! Isn’t that right Bev and Kennette of SoCalJourners? And thanks for coming. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes limited the outdoor time in the evenings, but we made the most of it.

Saturday morning, a breakfast potluck was held with Beth and Susan providing their “world renown” biscuits and gravy (at least in the RVW world). After breakfast, everyone relaxed in their own way. Some visited Truckee, some went swimming in a nearby lake, and of course, some went Geo-Caching. Saturday night was a Salad Bar Potluck, with homemade ice cream provided by co-host Debbie Hurrle and Margot Jordan. After dinner, the hardy stayed and had some chit-chat time with friends; others escaped the mosquitoes by visiting inside their rigs.

Sunday morning, after the Clean out the Fridge breakfast, and before the group broke up for the weekend, a new rig was christened. Beverly Hiltachk (the “Root Beer Floats at 3 pm” lady) surprised us all with a new rig. We thought it was about a bigger refrigerator for the ice cream, but wouldn’t you know it, it’s about the grandkids – and a special set of bunk beds just for them.

Thanks for all who decided to brave the smoke and join us, for what turned out to be pretty good weather, and a relaxing weekend. Colleen Buser and Pat White.

August 1-3, 2008

Arlene Huffman and Marlene Morrison
Yosemite Pines RV Resort, Groveland, CA http://www.yosemitepinesrv.com/

This outing at Yosemite Pines RV Park turned out to be a little bit of everyday magic. We had worried about the fire nearby the weekend before and thought we might have to cancel. However, we stayed in touch with park staff as well as Casper Nordahl and Debbie Hight, who arrived Monday to give on-site updates on what it looked like. Matters improved as the fire got more contained and we got the “all clear” Wednesday night! When we started to arrived on Thursday, we were blessed with a sky that was bluer than I recall sky ever being, the trees were green and the air was clear and warm. But what else could it have been….we had 61 high spirited women in 34 rigs, 1 tent and 2 cabins ready for a Tiki Weekend.

Friday morning some of the group (we’ll call them the “Floating FreeWheelers”) spontaneously arranged a water exercise group in the park’s great pool which was well attended. Bev Hiltachk again supplied those daily great 3:00 root beer floats!

Friday night, we had a traditional Hawaiian Lei greeting for all who attended the Meet and Greet and Eat. Following that event we had a very special birthday celebration with lots of cake and ice cream arranged by Mary Sue Ferrell and Irene Paulin. Thanks to all who volunteered to bring ice cream….Those of us in the little rigs with little fridges REALLY appreciated you! We not only celebrated all the many August birthdays but we had a special “roast & toast” for one of our very special members, Sue Copeland, who turned a youthful 60. Sue is special for many reasons, but is well known for her generosity in helping many other Freewheelers learn to handle their rigs.…even if they don’t want to… !

Saturday dawned warm and clear with a fine potluck breakfast and another edition of the “Floating FreeWheelers” in the pool. Then a nice day of relaxing. After 3:00 floats, we had three new rig christenings, 1) Peggy Chinn and Karen Kane, 2) Robin Willkening and Catherine Glaze, and 3) Casper Nordahl.

Saturday night began the BIG fun with a tropical food theme potluck. We were impressed at the variety and taste and eye appeal of the many items….I still believe we have the best cooks in all of RVW. After dinner, the show began with your Wagon Master of Ceremonies, “Donna Ho” (Arleen) and your DJ, Marlene….there were Karaoke contests (solo and group), Ladies Joke Night, and the Fruit and Veggie centerpiece prizes. That, along with mystery grab bag prize drawings, kept everyone on their toes. The evening ended with a chorus line of high kicking and singing to “We are Family.”

Sunday after the traditional “Clean out the fridge” breakfast, the group presented Sue Copeland and Glo Jarvis with a wonderful group of cards and wishes and the significant donations collected from all the FreeWheelers to help them cover the costs of their trip in their rig to visit Glo’s family in Missouri. Glo has been fighting so hard against her illness for the last three years that being able to help her and Sue at this time, in this small way made us really remember that, in good times or in bad times…like we sang the night before, WE ARE FAMILY!

Many folks hung on until Monday so they could spend Sunday checking out Yosemite. Some folks piled into various tow cars and headed off to Yosemite or to Groveland for some exploring/shopping/hiking. Hats off to Sarah Gonzalez, who found a tour company that arranged to come to our park and take some folks for a wonderful tour of Yosemite for a terrific price. This was a very busy and exciting weekend and we think everyone had fun but as we all know… the beauty of FreeWheeler outings is that no matter if there are lots of activities or just the treasured activity of “doing nothing,” it’s the fun of gathering together to “Just Do It” that keeps us coming back for more. Aloha!

September 5-7, 2008

Beverly Hiltachk
Collins Lake, Marysville http://www.collinslake.com/index.php?page=home

Thursday found 5 of us arriving at the group site, getting set up and enjoying the view of the lake. We got busy setting up tables for our lost and found items, and sale and give away items. Beverly also set out our “baby photos” for a contest, that was sure to cause much discussion and oohs and ahhs. On Friday almost everyone else showed up, and we got together for root beer floats at 3:00 pm. Later, we gathered to share our dinner and conversation. We met two newcomers, Leta and Denise, who fit in like they had always been there. We were very happy to meet them, and are looking forward to them joining our “family.”

Saturday was a very busy and fun day. After our potluck breakfast, which included Susan’s famous biscuits and gravy, we gathered together to christen Joan Beason’s new rig. We had the party boat all day, which proved to be a lot of fun and helped to keep us cool. At 3 pm, we once again had root beer floats while some of the gals had gone to see Beth and Susan’s log cabin home close by in Grass Valley. After a salad bar potluck, we found out that Merrily had the most baby photos correctly identified, with guessing 6 out of 14. I’m sure the fact that she checked us out constantly helped! After dinner, Beverly told us all about the vial of life and had all the materials needed for us to have the vials in our rigs.

Sunday morning found us together for breakfast and saying our good-byes to the ones that had to leave. Sunday evening found the rest of us back together for dinner, where we were entertained by Connie McKenna with Connie Mart’s bug zapper. The bee population at our table was greatly reduced and all of us decided we wanted one of those, especially after since just holding it while eating kept them away. (Smart bees.) On Monday morning the rest of us prepared to leave.

September 21-22, 2008

Host: Linda Cherry
Location: Duncans Mills Camping Club, http://www.duncansmillscamp.com/

We had an old-fashioned FreeWheelers outing with everyone doing their own thing, campfires each night, munchies one afternoon and relaxation all around.

October 10-12, 2008

Harumi McWhorter hosted our October gathering for the 2008 October Festival in Plymouth, CA at 49er Village RV Resort in the heart of California’s Gold Country, 18265 Highway 49, Plymouth, CA 95669.  http://www.49ervillage.com

When visiting Far Horizons 49er Village, you’re in the heart of California’s Gold Country, also known as the Motherlode, where the first discovery of gold brought thousands to the California foothills and opened up the west. Far Horizons had full hookups and cable TV, as well as some extra amenities, including a café at the park, a hot tub and a swimming pool. Evenings were spent with many gathered around various camp fires. We had gorgeous sunny weather. On Thursday, we welcomed early arrivals, and on Friday and Saturday, many worked on their pumpkin carvings for the Saturday evening contest – -6- some had to scurry out to the nearby pumpkin patches to find that perfect pumpkin! Several people went into town, to Amador Flower Farm, or enjoyed the surrounding areas. Of course, we all enjoyed the 3 pm root beer floats @ Beverly Hiltachk’s every day!

On Friday evening, we welcomed all arrivals in the rec room – with drinks and munchies and with campfires afterwards. On Saturday, we gathered in the rec room for Beth & Susan’s biscuits & gravy, as well as Margaret’s pancakes, which are fast becoming a tradition.

On Saturday, many of us enjoyed attending Oktoberfest that was held within the RV park – it’s a long-running tradition at Far Horizons 49er Village, with Bavarian music and tasty cuisine: Bratwurst, German Potato Salad, Caramel Apple Dessert and fresh apple cider and German-style beer. Also on display were hand made crafts for sale. On Saturday evening, we gathered in the rec room for our fall harvest potluck – many members came in costumes, and many door prizes were given throughout the evening.

And our winners are:

Best pumpkin carving(s) Pumpkin carvings were hard to judge. The creativity was intense and, despite the difficulty of hand carving, participants persevered, revealing many hidden talents. There were 14 participants, with first prize going to Marilyn and Christie for the howling wolves. Margot, Debbie, Robin and Catherine took a second with the Motorhome theme. Casper’s baked goods were the prizes.

Best costume design(s) First prize went to the prisoner and the judge: Margaret Evans, and sister, Ginnie! Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Joan Beason, came in second. Beverly Hiltachk came in third, with a wonderful Raggedy Ann. Other costumes were just as creative: the Devil, the Arabian, farmer in the dell, Great Pumpkin, witch, Cal Trans worker and cowgirls.

Best rig lighting(s) Many brought lights to dress up their rigs, and first place went to Arlene Huffman and Marlene Morrison (Site 169), and second place went to Joan Beason (Site 166). The prizes awarded for rig lighting and costumes, as well as 20+ door prizes, with hand crafted designs created by Harumi, including jackets, various tank tops and key chains laced w/ exotic glass beads & semi precious stones.

Harvest Bingo A competitive bingo game was hosted by Casper (Paulette Nordahl). Some participants had a hard time playing because they kept eating the bingo markers, which happened to be candy corn! The Bingo Black out winner was Ann Meyers, and she won a home-baked pumpkin pie! On Sunday, we had our breakfast leftovers and said our goodbyes, Many gathered for a prayer circle for Sue and Glo, led by a lovely prayer by Joan Beason. A total of 54 attendees in 28 rigs attended. In addition, Sue Copeland and Sandra Fernandez were able to visit during the day on Saturday. Everyone really enjoyed themselves the entire weekend, and Harumi and Casper want you to know how much fun it was for them, too!

November 14-16, 2008

Sugarbarge RV Resort, Bethel Island – http://www.sugarbarge.com/
Hosts: 2008 Advisory Board:  Jeri McLees, Connie Mart, Margot Jordon, Susan DuShane, Peggy Chinn

Rigs bearing the RVW and FreeWheelers stickers began rolling into Sugarbarge on Thursday afternoon, greeted by the advance welcoming party – Jeri McLees and Sue Copeland.  On Friday our community grew to a total of 52 rigs and a record attendance of 81 women!  Friday arrivals were greeted as they came through the entrance by an enthusiastic welcoming committee that included almost as many fuzzy white four-leggeds as there were white or almost white-haired women.

The Art and Craft tables began filling up mid-afternoon with gorgeous works of art, and by the evening we had expanded to 5 large tables, which remained on display throughout the week-end.  At our meet-and-greet reception that evening we honored our 6 guests and first-timers with the ceremonial beads, which they wore proudly all week-end.

Saturday morning began with our famous, but final “biscuits and gravy” breakfast.  After four years of dedicated service to this important tradition, Susan DuShane and Beth Gilliam are hanging up the apron and hot pads.  We all honored their service and the spirit of camaraderie and active participation that they created for the chapter. Jeri presented Susan with an apron bearing her name and the title “Biscuits and Gravy Queen”, and for Beth, a hot pad bearing her new title of assistant to the Queen!   The biscuits and gravy now become a memory, but the tradition of a delicious pot-luck of breakfast goodies and spirited kick-off of Saturday activities inclusive of all will live on in our chapter!

After breakfast everyone who contributed to the Art and Craft Show was introduced to the group and described the work they had contributed to the show.  We had a number of quilts, folk art, wreaths and centerpieces, photography, jewelry, woodworking, a crochet project yet to be started!

Our annual meeting at 10 a.m. on Saturday was the shortest and most lively in our chapter’s history!  All business items (such as approval of minutes of last year’s meeting, treasurer’s report, etc.) were dispensed with by unanimous vote of approval.  Adrienne Kristine volunteered to be our chapter’s presence on the RVW discussion forum, and Sue Copeland will moderate a new Yahoo Group for those in our chapter who want to participate in an open discussion forum for social support and exchange of ideas with other FreeWheeler members.
We recognized the “retirement” from the Advisory Board of two members – Chapter leader Jeri McLees, and Activities Director Susan DuShane.

The new slate of officers, elected on line by overwhelming majority, were introduced.  Those remaining on the board are Connie Mart, Secretary-Treasurer;  and members-at-large Margot Jordan and Peggy Chinn.  Arleen Huffman will join the Board and assume the role of Chapter leader, and Ann Meyer joins as a member-at-large.  Ann will take on the responsibilities of Activity Director.  Margot will continue as membership coordinator, and Peggy will continue as communications coordinator.  This coming year Peggy will manage the web site and the Yahoo email list; Teri Shugart will continue as editor of the newsletter (which she began during the summer).  Complete minutes of our meeting will be posted on our web site.

Everyone was on their own for the afternoon.  The weather was perfect – in the 70’s with clear blue skies!  A few went kayaking, more of us went on long walks around the island, several gathered in the clubhouse for a craft project led by Babe Poe, and all around the campground the sounds of women talking and laughing rang through the air!  Beverly’s famous root beer floats started flowing mid-afternoon, drawing many back to the center of the campground to prepare for our potluck dinner.

After another fabulous potluck dinner, we all sat back and enjoyed an evening with our very own (and growing) All Girl Band!  To top off the evening we celebrated several birthdays with cake and ice cream.
Sunday morning we gathered for our farewell “Clean the Fridge” breakfast.  Everyone who attended this gathering had made new friends or found new sources of information, so there was a lot of exchanging of emails and phone numbers going on!

Finally, we turned our energy and focus to remembering our dear friend Gloria Jarvis, who died on October 15, 2008.  Martha Yates played the bagpipes to call us together.  The service was led by Joan Beason.  Arleen Huffman sang one of Glo and Sue’s favorite songs “You Needed Me”, and led us in a sing-along of “Put your hand in the hand of the one who calms the water”.  Marie Moore gave a tribute to Glo’s life and to the dedication of her life-partner Sue Copeland, and those among us who provided care and support for Glo and Sue during the last days of Glo’s illness. A celebration of Glo’s life will be held in April at the outing that Glo loved so much — the Pardee boondocking gathering.  We all left with sadness for the loss of our dear friend, but with deep and warm spirit of love and caring that we share among one another.

December 4-7, 2008

Host: Polly Jones will host our December event at Casini Ranch in Duncan Mills on the Russian River.http://www.casiniranch.com/about.php  Contact: Polly Jones

Friday evening started with a drink and appetizer get together in the Rec Hall that was decorated with lights and festive holiday tablecloths.

Saturday morning was the encore presentation of Beth & Susan’s Biscuits and Gravy.
Everyone contributed something yummy to accompany the traditional breakfast. Pat and Sheri
displayed their FreeWheeler embroidery and the multitude of items they have made our mark on! We
all want some!! After we ate, Rachel Harp educated us on electrical questions, 30amp vs. 50 amp, and
how to treat electricity with respect and to keep our coaches safe. We all learned from her talk.
Some of us went across the street into Duncan Mills and were treated to their town “Open
House” and wandered through the stores. Fun things in every one and the people are great! Hey to
Willy and Jim!

In the afternoon, Beverly taught a class on making painted ornaments. A good time was had by
all. We had a rig holiday decorating contest so people were spending the day decorating with lights and
decorations. Great variety of decorations and oh so festive! Dinner was “comfort foods” and it was fun
to see what made people feel good. After dinner we had a great gift exchange, 60 people participated
and between Merrily and me, it got done in 1 1/2 hours. We can’t wait to see Wonder Woman at the
next All Girl Band Performance! It was fun to see how much in demand the gifts with chocolate were!
After dinner we all wandered and looked at the rigs, and the votes started coming in.

Congratulations to Joan and Casper for winning the contest and Pat and Sheri Tinker for 2nd place.
Sunday we all cleaned our fridge and had yet another great breakfast, We then watched as a lot
of the group packed up and left. The rest of us stayed till Sunday. The park was great, the help was the
best, thank you! The weather was perfect all weekend!
-Polly Jones