Freewheelers Membership Survey 2018

Inquiring minds…

Here is a takeoff on an old saying…”you can please some of the women all of the time and all of the women some of the time, but you can’t please all of the women all of the time.”   As Freewheelers grows, we have an increasing number of viewpoints to consider along with time honored traditions of our long-standing members.

Your newly elected Advisory Board, in an effort to please more of you most of the time, would appreciate your input/advice.  Please answer the following questions.  A summary of the results will be shared with the membership.

Freewheelers was named with the intention of having a free wheeling group of women with no rules, no potlucks, no collection of camping fees by a wagon master.  Obviously, through the years the name has come to mean free to make changes.

With membership hovering around 250, your Advisory Board awaits hearing from our most and least active women plus everyone in-between.  Thank you one and all.