January 28-31, 2016 – Casa de Fruta RV Resort

Location: Casa de Fruta RV Resort
Hosts: Arleen Huffman & Marlene Morrison

Registration is now CLOSED!  If you decide to come between now and January 28th, you will need to call the park directly and get a site.  Be sure to tell them you are with the FW group so they can try to place you near us and get our discounted. PLEASE be sure you tell me . if you do that so I’ll know you are coming.  ALSO, if anything changes and you have to cancel or change your current verified registration, please email me or use the contact form below to contact me.   

Note: This is the weekend BEFORE Super Bowl weekend. Due to Super Bowl being in Santa Clara in 2016, Casa De Fruta facilities are very tightly scheduled with many rally groups on that Super Bowl weekend. To make sure we have our usual “no stress” weekend, we have booked in the weekend before Super Bowl. Hopefully this means those of you who don’t come to Casa because of Super Bowl activities can come this time! Remember that in this “El Nino” year that Casa is terrific if it happens to be raining – it’s a no mud, asphalt surface park so those little puppy or people feet won’t make a mess of the rig.

Site Fees are $37.80 per night for Th/Fri/Sat/Sun. If you want to come in earlier than Thursday or stay later than Sunday night, please arrange directly with the Casa De Fruta RV Office. No extra charge for extra people or pets in your rig. This makes it easy because we know our pets really are people…lol.

Register using the online registration form or download the paper form from the FW RVW site. Once you register online, I’ll send you the address where you can mail the check (or check the member directory) . If you download the form, it will have the mailing address printed on it.

We will have the use of the large Music Hall from Friday through Sunday noon. For your potluck plans, it has ovens and stoves but no Microwaves that I recall. This will be a relaxing and fun weekend. For your daytime recreation, there is shopping, dining, pastry, chocolate & wine onsite. Less than an hour away is the Monterey Bay area with all the fun that this area is noted for. The Casa De Fruta office has many suggestions for day trips so let’s hope the weather is wonderful ( yes, it can be very lovely or it can be wet) .

The schedule so far……………………

Thursday Jan 27

  • Early arrivals are on their own for fun and socializing.

Friday Jan 28

  • 6:00 PM – Meet & Greet in the Music Hall. Bring a substantial finger foods and let’s make this dinner.   The only requirement is that you don’t HAVE to have a fork or spoon to eat it. FreeWheelers LOVE food you can pick up with your hands!
  • 7:30 PM – Charades Tournament and Campfire. We’ll have a Charades tournament in the Music Hall for whoever is interested. Two teams, no prizes …just play for the fun & glory! Weather permitting, we will also have a campfire going in the open site opposite the Music Hall. Bring a little wood and we need a Fire goddess to supervise while I do the Charades.

Saturday Jan 29

  • 9:00 AM – Breakfast Potluck in the Music Hall – Bring a dish to share.
  • 6:00 PM – Potluck in the Music Hall. Bring a dish to share.
  • 7:30 PM to whenever we get tired – Dance / Games / Karaoke.      Our “resident” DJ, Arleen ( aka “Sunshine Sounds DJ Services”) will hold a dance for the group. You’ll get to experience our brand new disco lights! woo hoo! We’ll have lots of group participation activities like a Twist Contest, The Stroll, our beloved Chicken Dance, maybe even a Macarena if someone can lead it! etc.
  • ALERT!!!!! We will have a Lip Sync Contest. Don’t be chicken…. you CAN do this! You do not need to be able to sing…just dress and act like your favorite singer or group. Please find some friends and dress silly or go solo and be dramatic. Please email me the name of the song you want so I can make sure I have it. Winners will be decided by “audience acclaim” and prizes will be awarded.

Sunday Jan 30

  • 9:00 AM – Bon Voyage Breakfast ( aka: clean out the fridge) . Bring your leftovers to share. Socialize and say “bye bye” to those who must leave for home. The lucky ones get to stay on another night.


  • For all potluck events, bring a dish to share , your favorite beverage and plates/utensils/Salt& Pepper, etc.
  • Other than certified service dogs, no pets are allowed in the Music Hall.

Use this form to reach the hosts with questions about this outing



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