Registration is now open for Lake Pardee Outing!

Plan now and register for the April 30- May 3rd FreeWheelers outing at Lake Pardee!  Registration is due no later than April 24th, so you have some time, but why wait??!!  You can see all the details about the outing here, along with a link to our handy online registration form for this outing!

Have questions?  The web page for each of our events has a contact form for the outing host – so use these forms to ask a question about the outing you are interested in!  If you have questions about this web site, or FreeWheelers in general, leave a comment here and we will get back to you!

September Newsletter just published!

If you are a FreeWheelers member, you should have now received the September Newsletter! If you did not, use our contact September_2014_newsletter_pdfform on the menu above to let us know! And if you are not a member but want to be, join RVW, then head on over to our “Join” page above!

The details of the Annual meeting are in the Chapter Leader Report, including the good news that the members of the 2014 board have all agreed to continue for 2015 – if elected!  The slate is: Celia Buckley as Chapter Leader, Winona Abrams as Treasurer/Secretary, Susan DuShane as Activities Coordinator, Sheila Grothe as Communications Coordinator and Casper Nordahl as Membership Coordinator. 

The newsletter includes news of our members who are on the road, information about chapter events, classified ads for stuff you might want or want to pass along … in all a fun, good read!  Thanks to Arleen Huffman for your great work making our newsletter appear month after month!!  




Sugarbarge RV Resort

Here is another review of a campground that Freewheelers visits every year — the Sugarbarge RV Resort!  But the reason I am inspired to post a review of this campground is because it was our “home” for 3 months in 2005!  Yes, ten years ago, Karen and I, in sugarbargeour Winnebago Adventurer, lived here from January through March almost ten years ago!  We were planning to move to California in the fall of 2005, and decided to escape the Connecticut weather and take up residence on Bethel Island while we explored the Bay Area to decide exactly where we wanted to live.

It was a magical time!  The folks at Sugarbarge were wonderful!  We had everything we needed, and the location was ideal.  We learned to use the BART to go in to the Oakland and San Francisco locations we wanted to visit, and we were able to explore the wonderful places around Brentwood, Antioch, Pittsburgh and other surrounding communities.  It was a great place to set up “home” for the time we were there.  BART, and all the surrounding towns, are within a 30 minute drive of the campground, so not only did we have a peaceful, rural setting for our RV home, but easy access to the rich resources of the entire Bay Area!

But it is also a wonderful campground for our Freewheelers group!  The clubhouse is ideal for our group gatherings.  The restaurant is open seasonally, and when it is open it is a terrific alternative to RV food!!  The marina offers lots of options for water activities, and I have taken wonderful walks on the roads around the park.  The island is a little rural community unto itself – an wonderful experience if you want to venture out into the community!

Do you have a campground that you love?  Send me your review and we will get it posted here!

Campground feature – Jackson Rancheria

Today I am starting a new blog feature for FreeWheelers – a “review” of the campgrounds that FreeWheelers use and know.  I will post here a feature on the campgrounds of our immediate past outings where folks can share our comments, hints, feedback and general experience in the campgrounds we visit.  You can also send me a suggestion for jackson1campgrounds that you want to list on our blog!  Eventually this blog will have a rich resource of information about campgrounds in northern California that you can search to find just the right spot for your next trip, or just the right spot for a future FreeWheelers outing!

I am starting with Jackson Rancheria!  Our chapter has returned to this spot annually over the past several years, so obviously it has become a chapter favorite.  It is located on the jackson2grounds of the nearby Casino, and has a Good Sam Rating of 10-10-10.  Since there seems to be only everything to like about this campground, you may have some hints to share about your experience here!  Let us know what you like, perhaps something you find not-so-good about it, and general information so that someone who has not been there has a better idea of what this campground offers (or does not offer!  Please leave your comments below — they will serve as an ongoing resource for everyone about this campground — Jackson Rancheria!

Registration forms now available for June and July outings!

You can now register for the outings coming up in June and July!  It is easy to get to the online registration forms, and the outing information .. just look at the list of “upcoming outings” in the right sidebar on this and other pages on this site!

You will notice that we are encouraging you to use the online registration forms if at all magicwandpossible!  Each outing has its own form that goes directly to the outing host!  It is like a magic wand .. you type in your information, click the magic “submit” button, and your hosts receive an instant automatic record of your registration!

Many outing hosts are also accepting Paypal payments .. if this is the case this option will appear on the registration information and the form.

Of course we still have the paper forms available, but ask that you use the downloadable form that is set up for each outing .. please do not use old form or forms for other outings. You will see slink to download the paper form on the “registration” page for each outing!

If the outing host is collecting the camping fees for her outing, you will need to send her a check by mail; all of the addresses are listed in the member directory and in the current chapter newsletter!  If you do not have access to these, use the outing contact form on the information page for each outing.

Questions? Fill out the main Contact Form  — just click the “contact” link on the main menu in the top banner above!

January Newsletter just published!

Our fabulous newsletter editor, Arlene Huffman, just published the January 2014 newsletter300newsletter!  If you are a FreeWheelers member and have not received your copy, use our contact form to let us know!  If you are not a member and want to join the fun, head on over to our “join” page to get started!

the January newsletter features an article about the new web site and explains more about a blog — what it is and why we are starting it!  If you would like to become a contributor to the blog, please let us know!  Leave a comment below to let us know your interest!  Or, just comment to let us know you are here and what you think of out web site!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Welcome to the new FreeWheelers web site

Indeed, this is the new website for our fabulous chapter!  All the old features are still here, but with an updated “look and feel.”   Please add your comments here on the blog as new 21372435posts are added, or on any of our “static” pages.  And use the new contact form to let us know of anything that needs to be added or changed at any time!

If you are visiting our site for the first time, and are not yet a member of RVW, explore the National RVW web site to learn more about our organization!  If you decide to join us, join RVW first, then come back here and use our form to join our chapter!

Most important, lease your comments and questions here … we want to hear from you, and we will respond!