2018 Past Events

May 3-6, 2018

Hosts: Pat Stearns and Johnette Tye
Location:  Smithwoods RV Park, Felton, CA

The outing was set in the beautiful Coastal California Redwoods in Felton, CA. Thursday many arrived to meet old and new friends. There were many activities available to the group including riding the scenic Railroad train tour, shopping antique

stores, farmers markets, hiking trails abound.  Friday night was the appetizer buffet at the Lodge followed by an evening of getting to know you around the fire pit. Saturday was a potluck breakfast followed by a Q&A on anything RV related. Later “Craft” activity outside and then at 3:00 p.m. the march back to the Lodge for the Running of the Roses”  event on the big screen.     Each member was given a potentially winning ticket, but only three lucky ladies won a bottle of wine, one each for their horse to Win, Place, and Show. Saturday evening was a potluck and a parade of Kentucky Derby Hats designed by each member. To be followed up with an evening at the fire pit. For some, Sunday was pack up and go but many stayed that extra day to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the fantastic weather and the wonderful staff at Smithwoods RV Park.









April 5-9, 2018

Hosts: Sue and Chris Massey-Clover, Mary Jo Barrett and Katy Innerst
Location:  Jackson Rancheria RV Park, Jackson, CA

Even the rain can’t put a damper on the Freewheeling Ladies having fun.  Those who came up early on Thursday helped Linda McVey and Shelly Lloyd celebrate their 20th anniversary with dinner at the Jackson Rancheria Buffet. A few lingered afterward to play the slot machines. MaryJo and Katy put together a fun game of 1950’s Trivia for Friday night. We split into groups and with 50’s music playing in the background we had a great time answering the questions.  The downpour of rain lulled us all to sleep that night. I’m sorry to say that a few ladies woke up to some drips in their rig and even on their toes.  Sorry, Winona!  With the weather dry, but still unpredictable, we moved the Hot Dog BBQ inside.  6FFA6D65-8AF8-41AB-9382-30A25ABB6377The hosts provided games such as Jacks, Pick-up Sticks, Hula Hoops, yo-yos and frog flippers to entertain the women. It ended up being a ton of fun.  So many ladies got into the spirit of the 50’s and dressed in poodle skirts, petal pushers and many other creative outfits for Saturday night’s potluck and Sock Hop. The potluck  featured recipes from the 50’s.  Who has ever heard of Spaghettio Surprise or Ham, cabbage and Pineapple Jello Mold?  Of course, we reminisced with tuna casserole, meatloaf, mac and cheese and many other delicious choices. After cleaning up and walking our dogs we enjoyed a laughter-filled Sock Hop. A9A8A246-BA75-4089-89C3-A22008EFBFC5MaryJo put together a great songlist and we were able to plug in to our new sound system.  The dance floor came ALIVE! C9705210-1810-4CA6-BAC4-0EC014FD2D6F We crowned Alice and Nancy as our Queen and Queen of dance.  Their happy dancing w27B7D6A7-A008-4324-B584-173A7911A3582B9ED3CA-D677-4E7A-93BF-A31DDBB8FD49as so much fun to watch.  MaryJo and Katy served Egg Creams and Raspberry Sodas and the ladies enjoyed root beer float and strawberry milkshake cupcakes. The evening ended with sore feet but happy hearts. We cleaned out the frig for Sunday’s breakfast and said our good-byes.  Some were lucky enough to stay an extra day.  It really did turn out to be a fun-filled, 50’s weekend despite the weather.




March 8-12, 2018

Hosts: Sherli Chin and Mary Jo Barrett
Location: Durango RV Resort, 100 Lake Ave., Red Bluff, CA 96080

Freewheelers took over the Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff for their March event. Durango is a beautiful, up scale resort tucked at the base of Mt Shasta. Along with the perfect weather, we knew a great weekend was before us.

The theme was Strong Women as we all celebrated International Woman’s Day.

We were asked to dress as our favorite Strong woman in history or as a strong woman currently making history. There was great participation with wonderful, creative

costumes; from Rosie the Riveter, Mother Theresa, Queen Elizabeth, Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburgto remarkable women we have never heard of.


Sue Massey-Clover, as Queen Elizabeth won first prize, not only for her costume, but her royal decorum.

Another member, Sue Clark, came as Amelia Earhart. Sue has her own personal story that is impressive. She wanted to be a flight attendant back in the day when they were called stewardess. She was told she was too short. So being the strong woman she is, she became a pilot instead. Now retired, Sue still takes to the skies to fly rescue missions for pets in need.

Helen Reddy was singing “ I Am Woman” as we entered the clubhouse for dinner Friday night. After the mutual admiration of everyone’s costumes, we sat down to a very filling appetizer dinner.

After dinner, we all unwrapped a 20” Seran Wrap ball. Each woman peeled back the wrap until a prize appeared, then passed the ball to the next person. The gifts ranged from the silly to the useful, all fun and funny.

Saturday we had our usual potluck breakfast & catch up chats with each other.

Our Hosts treated us to a Sandwich Bar, including chips & drinks for lunch. Subway had nothing on this spread.

Saturday night was another successful potluck dinner. We have exceptional cooks and it’s rare to have leftovers.

After dinner we were treated to a performance by Wayne Huey of the Red Panda Acrobats. Wayne was trained in China and has performed internationally. One of his first employers was Mickey Mouse, when he went to work for the Disney Corporation.

Before the performance, he gave a short workshop on how to balance and juggle. Knowing the how of these skills, we could see the lessons in his performance. Who knew it was so easy to balance a feather on your nose.

He showed us  Tai Chi move called Sunrise-Sunset, which is a foundational type move to keep our backs in good working order.

He ended with a Q&A, and was an open book in answering our questions. He was both entertaining & informative. He was quite the personality and put on a remarkable show for us.

Our outing closed after our “Mustgo” breakfast. We cleaned out fridges with all the “must go” foods, said our goodbyes till we’ll meet again.

The weather was perfect so all of the perfectly planned events went off without a hitch. Everyone headed home with a little more strength shared by this wonderful Sisterhood we call RVW Freewheelers.


February 1-5, 2018

Hosts: Gail Chadbourne and Gwendolyn Morgan
Location:  Casa de Fruta, Hollister, CA

What can I say; the weather goddess was with us. Freewheelers came up days before the event started and were sharing they were wearing tank tops and capris, yes you said something like that Polly! We came up on Thursday to find the weather was indeed glorious and found some Freewheelers strolling around with friends and with pups.  Friday night we had a fabulous layout of food with our new member Laurie Conley introducing herself.  Seems she came in a rented Class C.

Several people enjoyed hiking at Pinnicles and Fremont Park near San Juan Bautista. Dinner at the Inn at Tres Pinos was divine. Also, complimentary afternoon wine tasting at the Casa de Wine and Deli.  I spotted a few enjoying ice cream cones near Casa de Choo Choo.  I loved biting into my fresh plum from the Casa fruit stand and there was Polly’s Humongous 20 ounce slice of prime rib from Casa de Restaurant. Late night gamers in the Club House. And I have never seen so many FreeWheeler pups as attended the rig warmings.


January 4-8, 2018
Hosts: Wendy Gibson and JLynn Manley
Location: The Vineyard RV Park, Vacaville, CA

For the first Freewheelers event of 2018, Cockadoodledoo RV Park in Vacaville once again continube the weekend that promotes camaraderie, de-stress to refresh, topped with a little surprise. This low key weekend is never the one to ever miss!
Promoting camaraderie we learned a lot about each other sharing hors d’oeuvres, meals, games, music, conversation, the big screen TV, the football games and the Oscars, an RV Q & A by an RV expert, cards, painting, candle making, books, puzzles, darling Brenda who came from Oakland just to “check us out”, and warm drinks.
De-stressing from the end of the year events we were able to relax and refresh in the large club house were the fire blazed all day and all night keeping us toasty (and sometimes a big too toasty) warm.
And unlike last years surprise of drenching rain, and RV islands, we had these nasty bugs called roosters that pecked and chased us and cockadoodledood us awake and serenaded us all day and all night long.
Yep, Cockadoodledoo RV Park was this years best! Hope you enjoyed it!
Your Hosts, Wendy Gibson and JLynn Manley