What Can a New Member Expect?

So you’re thinking of joining FreeWheelers and your wondering what to expect? Back about seven years ago when I and my partner joined this club , I had the same thoughts. We were not one of those “joiners” but realized we needed to network more and build a more extended “family” if possible. What better environment than an RVing group where we could enjoy a favorite pastime with other women? But we still hesitated because of that little ” Am- I -actually- joining- a -cult?” voice in  my head. Besides, I guess we could always just hide in the rig or if it really was awful… we could just drive away in the night?  Yes, drama runs deep in my family and as I said, we are NOT joiners.  However, we decided to give it a try.  We got a warm welcome from the Chapter Leader at the time and the first FreeWheeler event we attended was what we now know is the Annual Meeting held at Sugar Barge RV Resort on Bethel Island.  That was one of the best and friendliest weekends we have spent in an RV and we never looked back after that.

When you join FreeWheelers, the first thing you’ll experience is a “force of nature” named Casper Nordahl,  our Membership Coordinator. She has held this post for several years and we are thrilled because she does it with such passion and energy! You’ll get a call and/or an email from her welcoming you and letting you know whatever you need to know including upcoming events you can sign up for and how to do that! You will get a copy of our most recent newsletter , a member directory,  a window card for your rig with your name(s) on it,  name badge(s) and even some beads!  Now you’re set to go to an outing!

welcome bear

At this point, you’ll start looking through the newsletter you got or this website on the Events tab , review the schedule of outings and  register for one.  You’ll start getting emails about the upcoming outing from the outings host(s) talking about agendas and potential activities planned to interesting attractions in the area.  Each outing varies somewhat depending on what the host(s) want to do ..sometimes there are lots of plans and other times, we’re just  “chillaxin'”.  So, now you have arrived…. check in at the office,  get your site and go set up so you are free to enjoy the weekend. And remember, if you need any help, just speak up and don’t be shy. FreeWheelers are really great at supporting women new to RVing.

Once you are all hooked up, feel free to do whatever you normally do when you arrive a new campground.  FreeWheelers are generally very social but we try not to overwhelm you the minute you get parked. On the other hand, if you are feeling gregarious , go ahead and introduce yourself to your neighbors if you like.  We’re not a shy group and you don’t need to be either. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize this weekend.


Rig Warming

One of the very best places to “dip your toe in the water” is our Friday Night “Meet & Greet” appetizer potluck.  This event was created many years ago to give the gang the chance to all get together for the first time that outing,  to hear the schedule for the weekend, to introduce new members and give everyone a chance to get to know you.  You’ll be introduced, given nice shiny beads to wear for the weekend so we know you are new and asked to share three things about yourself. We then eat a lot of great appetizers, talk a lot, sip beverages of many kinds, laugh a lot  and just enjoy each other.

Once that event is done, you are on your own to enjoy whatever special activities have been planned ( or not), play games in the club house, sit around in groups and talk and weather permitting, enjoy campfires.  For the remainder of the weekend there will be breakfast potlucks each morning, a big dinner potluck Saturday night and possibly some educational classes or activities like washer toss but it’s important to remember that all of these activities are your choice.  We have folks who don’t attend any potlucks because they love to cook at the rig, others hate games so they just chat with their neighbors, other are really great at naps or reading.  We have one lady who sets up her sewing machine and makes the loveliest stuff while listening and chatting to whoever is nearby and another who knits socks and visits. Others take day trips on their own or all carpool and go somewhere together.


The important thing to remember if you are new  to FreeWheelers and attending your first outing is that we are happy to meet you, we’re glad you have joined and don’t want you to feel obligated to do anything. We all love to share stories, recipes, repair tips, tools, Band Aids, Aspirin, even urgent trips to the vet with you but most of all we share support for women enjoying RVing often for the fist time in their lives.  We firmly believe in the power of play and the joy of laughter.


And at the end of every FreeWheeler day, we want our members to have the best time ever with your RV in a safe, happy and supportive environment.

We look forward to seeing you at an outing soon!