September Newsletter just published!

If you are a FreeWheelers member, you should have now received the September Newsletter! If you did not, use our contact September_2014_newsletter_pdfform on the menu above to let us know! And if you are not a member but want to be, join RVW, then head on over to our “Join” page above!

The details of the Annual meeting are in the Chapter Leader Report, including the good news that the members of the 2014 board have all agreed to continue for 2015 – if elected!  The slate is: Celia Buckley as Chapter Leader, Winona Abrams as Treasurer/Secretary, Susan DuShane as Activities Coordinator, Sheila Grothe as Communications Coordinator and Casper Nordahl as Membership Coordinator. 

The newsletter includes news of our members who are on the road, information about chapter events, classified ads for stuff you might want or want to pass along … in all a fun, good read!  Thanks to Arleen Huffman for your great work making our newsletter appear month after month!!