Sugarbarge RV Resort

Here is another review of a campground that Freewheelers visits every year — the Sugarbarge RV Resort!  But the reason I am inspired to post a review of this campground is because it was our “home” for 3 months in 2005!  Yes, ten years ago, Karen and I, in sugarbargeour Winnebago Adventurer, lived here from January through March almost ten years ago!  We were planning to move to California in the fall of 2005, and decided to escape the Connecticut weather and take up residence on Bethel Island while we explored the Bay Area to decide exactly where we wanted to live.

It was a magical time!  The folks at Sugarbarge were wonderful!  We had everything we needed, and the location was ideal.  We learned to use the BART to go in to the Oakland and San Francisco locations we wanted to visit, and we were able to explore the wonderful places around Brentwood, Antioch, Pittsburgh and other surrounding communities.  It was a great place to set up “home” for the time we were there.  BART, and all the surrounding towns, are within a 30 minute drive of the campground, so not only did we have a peaceful, rural setting for our RV home, but easy access to the rich resources of the entire Bay Area!

But it is also a wonderful campground for our Freewheelers group!  The clubhouse is ideal for our group gatherings.  The restaurant is open seasonally, and when it is open it is a terrific alternative to RV food!!  The marina offers lots of options for water activities, and I have taken wonderful walks on the roads around the park.  The island is a little rural community unto itself – an wonderful experience if you want to venture out into the community!

Do you have a campground that you love?  Send me your review and we will get it posted here!