Campground feature – Jackson Rancheria

Today I am starting a new blog feature for FreeWheelers – a “review” of the campgrounds that FreeWheelers use and know.  I will post here a feature on the campgrounds of our immediate past outings where folks can share our comments, hints, feedback and general experience in the campgrounds we visit.  You can also send me a suggestion for jackson1campgrounds that you want to list on our blog!  Eventually this blog will have a rich resource of information about campgrounds in northern California that you can search to find just the right spot for your next trip, or just the right spot for a future FreeWheelers outing!

I am starting with Jackson Rancheria!  Our chapter has returned to this spot annually over the past several years, so obviously it has become a chapter favorite.  It is located on the jackson2grounds of the nearby Casino, and has a Good Sam Rating of 10-10-10.  Since there seems to be only everything to like about this campground, you may have some hints to share about your experience here!  Let us know what you like, perhaps something you find not-so-good about it, and general information so that someone who has not been there has a better idea of what this campground offers (or does not offer!  Please leave your comments below — they will serve as an ongoing resource for everyone about this campground — Jackson Rancheria!