Web site “ins” and “outs”

One of the most frustrating things about the web (especially for those of us who are “digital immigrants”)  is that things are always changing!  This drives most of us just a bit crazy!  Even when the changes on a web site like this one include big improvements, there are 2people computerthings about the changes that can inspire a few words I won’t repeat here!

Some of the changes on this web site are indeed big improvements that most regular visitors to the site like a lot!  But it does take a while to get used to certain changes, like the new ways to find the things you want to find.

There is one change on our web site that is probably not an improvement for many of us .. we no longer put any information on the web site that can identify a person’s location or contact information.  This is because information like this that is on the web is used by some shady folks around the world to send out spam email, and location information (like personal addresses or phone numbers) can be used to harm someone.  And, since we are a group of women, it is prudent to keep this kind of information off the web.  Our web site is not just for our members … it is open to the whole world!

So the problem is this .. if you want to register for an outing and you need to send a check to the outing host, where do you find her address?  It is not on the web site!  So where is it? Here are the answers!!

  1. The current address for outing hosts is published in the monthly newsletter .. so when you get the newsletter, save it to your computer just in case you need this kind of detail!
  2. We are asking outing leaders to send their current mailing address in an message to the chapter email list. In addition, if an outing host agrees, we will put her mailing address on the downloadable registration form for her outing, but not all hosts are willing to have this exposure to the general public.
  3. Our chapter directory has most people’s addresses.
  4. You can use the contact form that is on every outing information page on this site; this form goes to the outing host so you can ask for her address.  If you are not a member of FreeWheelers and you are a woman who wants to attend an outing as a guest or a member of another RVW chapter, you won’t have access to the first 3 options. So use this option to get the mailing address!

The best of these options are the first two … these will provide the most current and accurate information about someone’s mailing address.  But #3 and #4 are OK if the first 2 fail!

Finally, if all else fails, there is the general contact form for the chapter if you just don’t know where to go to find what you need!  Click on the “contact” link that is on the main menu of every page on this site, and fill out the form to reach us.  Someone will answer, usually within 48 hours, to point you in the right direction!


2 thoughts on “Web site “ins” and “outs”

  1. You’re absolutely right. We need to become more aware of the dangers of putting personal contact information on the public web. It will take awhile for us to adapt! Thank you Peggy.

  2. It will take a little while for us to adapt to this privacy need of self protection. You’re absolutely right that we need to be aware of the dangers of putting too much contact information on the public web. Thank you for posting this.

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