Registration forms now available for June and July outings!

You can now register for the outings coming up in June and July!  It is easy to get to the online registration forms, and the outing information .. just look at the list of “upcoming outings” in the right sidebar on this and other pages on this site!

You will notice that we are encouraging you to use the online registration forms if at all magicwandpossible!  Each outing has its own form that goes directly to the outing host!  It is like a magic wand .. you type in your information, click the magic “submit” button, and your hosts receive an instant automatic record of your registration!

Many outing hosts are also accepting Paypal payments .. if this is the case this option will appear on the registration information and the form.

Of course we still have the paper forms available, but ask that you use the downloadable form that is set up for each outing .. please do not use old form or forms for other outings. You will see slink to download the paper form on the “registration” page for each outing!

If the outing host is collecting the camping fees for her outing, you will need to send her a check by mail; all of the addresses are listed in the member directory and in the current chapter newsletter!  If you do not have access to these, use the outing contact form on the information page for each outing.

Questions? Fill out the main Contact Form  — just click the “contact” link on the main menu in the top banner above!

4 thoughts on “Registration forms now available for June and July outings!

  1. There are no registration form available on this email. Where do i find them????????

    • The email you get when you follow the blog is actually just an alert that something new has been posted on the FreeWheelers blog! So if you click on the “read more of this post” link in the email message, it will take you to the web site and the specific post. From there, you will see all the links to the event, and to the registration form! If this is not consistent with the email you saw, please forward the email to me and I will help figure this out!

  2. There was nothing to click from this page. I had to figure out to go into Past Events to find the registation form and its not a past event.

    • This may depend on the device you are using to see the post! If you are seeing it as an email message, on a phone, table, or even on your computer, you often can see the “sidebar” links that go to all the upcoming events and registrations if you scroll down a bit. But also, if you click on the title of the post, you will go to the web site itself, where you can see everything laid out, with the sidebar on the right of the screen, and a link to all the outings, and to any registration pages that are now open.

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