A virtual caravan: Follow this blog!

If you are a member of FreeWheelers, another chapter of RVW, or are just interested in learning more about women and the RVing life-style, consider joining our “blog caravan”! caravan2 It is easy to do!  Just look for the link to “follow this blog” near the top of the right sidebar, click the link, and enter your email address!  Once you “follow” the blog you will get an email message every time someone posts on this blog.

We are developing a team of women in our chapter to share information, news, stories and news that can provide a bit of a glimpse into the “inside scoop” about RVing for women!  And best of all, you can respond to things we post here, ask questions, and give us suggestions for topics you want us to write about!  Just leave comment at the end of our posts.

So join our virtual caravan!  Follow our blog, and then take the lead by contributing your comments!  We would love to hear from you!

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