Entertainment on the road!

Most women who enjoy RVing part-time or full-time have absolutely no problem filling our hours and days with interesting, fun and unique things to do!  We are indeed a creative bunch!  But at the same time, we typically do not shy away from exploring new ideas and suggestions!  After all, this is in part what traveling around is all about!  So when Arleen, our newsletter editor, wrote about the joys of playing puzzles on a mobile device, I puzzleimmediately went to my app store and found the most wonderful array of puzzle apps to explore!  I have always enjoyed puzzles, but complicated puzzles and an RVing lifestyle do not mix too well — at least not the 1000-piece versions that take days to put together!

So now I am hooked, wherever I am.  The app I use is “Jigsaw Puzzle” from iTunes, and I can play using my iPad or iPhone.  It is a free app, then you have thousands of puzzles you can purchase from within the app for very little investment (99 cents to $3.99 for a group of 15 to 30 puzzles at a time).  I can then choose how many pieces I want to have for each puzzle.  And, for no additional charge, the app allows me to make my own puzzles out of photographs that I have taken over the years!  I have several completed puzzles of gorgeous Jazzyscenery from my photos taken during various travels, a few of my adorable granddaughters, and more than a few of our delightful little Yorkiepoo Jazzy (these are not easy, as you can imagine from the photo here)!

Puzzles on an electronic device are, of course, a solitary activity, which can be both a blessing and a curse!  If you love working puzzles with someone else as a small group activity that you share, then you may not enjoy the electronic approach!  But in an RV, even when traveling with a companion, the electronic approach makes it possible to enjoy something that keeps your mind alert and active during periods when you need something solitary and enjoyable.  And, for me, it is something I enjoy while the TV or radio is on, or during those moments when I have a bit of time waiting for something else to begin!

Do you have other ideas and suggestions for entertainment on the road?  Post your ideas here!  I know someone else who follows this blog just might take you up on your suggestion!