Welcome to the new FreeWheelers web site

Indeed, this is the new website for our fabulous chapter!  All the old features are still here, but with an updated “look and feel.”   Please add your comments here on the blog as new 21372435posts are added, or on any of our “static” pages.  And use the new contact form to let us know of anything that needs to be added or changed at any time!

If you are visiting our site for the first time, and are not yet a member of RVW, explore the National RVW web site to learn more about our organization!  If you decide to join us, join RVW first, then come back here and use our form to join our chapter!

Most important, lease your comments and questions here … we want to hear from you, and we will respond!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the new FreeWheelers web site

  1. I’ve missed being at the FW outings. Maybe I’ll make Paradee even though I haven’t submitted my registration yet. It’s a fun place to go.

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